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Investing in Monaco: Exceptional Real Estate Expertise

Welcome to Bertola Real Estate, your privileged partner for exceptional real estate investments in Monaco. With over 48 years of experience in the luxury real estate sector, we go the extra mile to enable our clients to make the best choices in their property acquisitions.

Our philosophy is centered around customer satisfaction, and it's with dedication that we provide you with our expertise and know-how. Thanks to our strong client relationships, we carefully guide them through every step of their project, whether it's buying, selling, renting, or managing any type of property.

Listening to your needs, desires, and wishes, our dedicated team is committed to finding the ideal property that perfectly aligns with your expectations. Leveraging our profound understanding of the luxury real estate market, we work closely with leading agencies and developers, giving you access to over 90% of the properties available for sale or rent, including new or under-construction projects and off-market opportunities.

The Principality of Monaco, a land of prestige, offers an exceptional living environment that attracts residents from 139 different nationalities. With an area of 202 hectares, nearly 47 of which have been reclaimed from the sea in the last 30 years, Monaco gracefully combines modernity and tradition. Prioritizing safety for people and property, it ensures a secure and serene environment.

From a fiscal perspective, Monaco presents undeniable advantages. As a resident, you'll enjoy complete exemption from direct income and wealth taxes, except for French nationals. Inheritance taxes are also favorable, varying based on the degree of relationship between the deceased and the heir.

Monaco-based companies also benefit from favorable taxation, with limited taxation on profits for certain specific cases. Stamp and registration duties are established reasonably for civil and judicial documents.

When acquiring real estate in Monaco, it's important to consider various associated costs, such as registration duties amounting to 6% for property purchases (4.5% for registration duty and 1.5% for notary fees), as well as fees related to transfers for rental contracts, share subscriptions, or share transfers in a company, which are set at 1%.

If you're seeking to invest in an exceptional environment that combines prestige, opportunity, and economic benefits, Monaco is the ideal choice. Trust Bertola Real Estate to guide you in your real estate projects in Monaco. We are where excellence meets opportunity, ready to lead you towards the property investment perfectly tailored to your needs and aspirations. Contact us now to discover the treasures that Monaco has to offer.