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BERTOLA REAL ESTATE, 48 Years of Experience at Your Service.

Since 1975, Jean Antoine Bertola and his experienced team have been dedicated to serving you. We specialize in the sale, rental, management, expertise, and valuation of prestigious residential properties, commercial spaces in the Principality of Monaco, and the French Riviera.

Jean Antoine Bertola was a pioneer when he established himself in Fontvieille, a significant marina spanning 25 hectares, created on the sea at a time when this district was still nothing but undeveloped land. This forward-looking move turned out to be a success, and over the years, the agency's activity has grown steadily, both in terms of revenue and personnel. We take pride in being responsible for numerous prestigious real estate transactions accomplished over the past 40 years.

Our commitment is to accompany you throughout your real estate project.

We believe in a personalized approach for each client, aiming to best meet your needs and provide you with tailor-made service.

With a thorough understanding of the real estate market, we collaborate with leading agencies and developers, allowing us to provide you access to over 90% of the properties for sale or rent on the market, including new or under-construction projects.

The entire team at BERTOLA REAL ESTATE is dedicated to finding the property that best suits your needs, desires, and wishes. Trust us to offer you an exceptional real estate experience and let us make your most ambitious dreams come true.

Contact us today and discover how our unparalleled experience can make a difference in your real estate project.

The Epic of Fontvieille - An Excellent Neighborhood in Transformation

  • 1800


    The history of the Fontvieille neighborhood dates back well before the 19th century when this area was still a picturesque corner of Monaco, imbued with charm and serenity. At that time, the neighborhood already stood out for its captivating landscapes and direct access to the sea.

    Fontvieille - Monaco - 1800

    Fontvieille 19th century

  • 19th Century

    Fontvieille and the Palace

    In the 19th century, Fontvieille witnessed the architectural developments of Monaco, with the expansion of the Prince's Palace making it an iconic neighbor.

    Fontvieille and the Palace

  • 1930

    Expansion on the Sea

    The early 1930s marked a new era for Fontvieille, with its bold expansion onto the sea, progressively gaining 25 hectares of land. This visionary expansion gave rise to a neighborhood of the future, symbolizing Monaco's dynamism.

    Monaco - The Principality and Cap Martin

    Monaco - Monte-Carlo

  • 1939

    Construction of Stade Louis II:

    In 1939, the legendary Stade Louis II was erected, becoming an emblematic element of Fontvieille and hosting prestigious sports and cultural events.


  • 1965

    The Beginning of Transformation

    The year 1965 marked the starting point of an unprecedented transformation. Fontvieille began to metamorphose with the construction of an impressive seawall, approximately 1 km long, paving the way for one of the most ambitious expansions of the Principality.

    Fontvieille under construction

    Fontvieille under construction

    Fontvieille under construction

  • 1975

    A Accomplished Neighborhood of Excellence

    In 1975, the Fontvieille neighborhood reached its peak with the completion of the Terre-plein de Fontvieille works, giving birth to a prosperous neighborhood with a focus on the future.

    Fontvieille under construction

  • 1981

    Birth of Fontvieille Village

    The year 1981 marked a new chapter for Fontvieille with the start of the construction of infrastructure and Fontvieille Village, a vibrant place where commerce, leisure, and elegance blend harmoniously.

    Fontvieille Village

    Fontvieille - 2015

  • 1992-2004

    An Oasis of Luxury

    The last luxurious residences completed between 1992 and 2004 have bestowed unmatched prestige upon the Fontvieille neighborhood. These architectural jewels offer breathtaking views of the sea and gardens, defining the very essence of luxury.

    Fontvieille - 2015

    Fontvieille - SeaSide Tete de Chien