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Discover La Rousse - Saint Roman Neighborhood, Monaco

A paradise on the French Riviera


The La Rousse - Saint Roman neighborhood is a true paradise nestled on the French Riviera, within the Principality of Monaco. Renowned for its elegance, panoramic sea views, and luxurious amenities, this neighborhood is a rare gem of the Mediterranean. Whether you are looking for a new residence or an idyllic vacation spot, La Rousse - Saint Roman offers everything you need.

Prime Location with Sea Views

La Rousse - Saint Roman benefits from a prime location offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Its lush hills and panoramic lookouts make it a sought-after residential area for connoisseurs.

A Chic and Refined Neighborhood

Immerse yourself in the chic and refined atmosphere of La Rousse - Saint Roman. With its Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury boutiques, and renowned hotels, this neighborhood embodies pure elegance.

Relaxation and Leisure Activities

La Rousse - Saint Roman offers a multitude of relaxation and leisure activities. Enjoy sunny beaches, exclusive wellness centers, and tranquil walks in Mediterranean gardens.

High-End Real Estate

For those seeking the epitome of luxury, La Rousse - Saint Roman offers high-end real estate properties with top-notch amenities and elegant finishes. Discover the exceptional residences that make this neighborhood one of the most prestigious in Monaco.

Tourism and Attractions

La Rousse - Saint Roman is also a favored tourist destination. In this section, we will highlight the must-visit attractions to discover during your stay in this enchanting neighborhood on the French Riviera.

Practical Information

Provide practical information such as local transportation, recommended hotels, health and emergency services, schools, etc. This section will help visitors and new residents acclimate to the La Rousse - Saint Roman neighborhood.


In conclusion, the La Rousse - Saint Roman neighborhood is an exceptional place that harmoniously combines luxury, elegance, and serenity. With its breathtaking panoramas, rich cultural offerings, and high-standing properties, La Rousse - Saint Roman is a true jewel on the French Riviera. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you will be dazzled by the timeless beauty of this prestigious neighborhood in Monaco.